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World Book Day

On Friday 23rd February, Worcesters celebrated World Book Day with children (and all adults!) dressing up as their favourite character from a book. The children all brought their favourite books to school and shared them with their class and teachers swapped classes and got the opportunity to read their favourite story. We also raised £400 for books for our school library.


Zoo Lab

Year 1 had a fantastic visit from Zoo Lab today. They got the chance to learn about the different animals, where they are from, where they live and what they like to eat.
The children had the opportunity to feel, stroke and hold some of the animals. The animals were: a Madagascan hissing cockroach a Chilean rose tarantula, a giant African millipede, a corn snake and a Guinea pig.​

Online Safety

Thank you to all the parents who attended the ‘Online Safety’ morning workshop. We were lucky to have Fateh Sing deliver this workshop for the parents. We hope you found it useful and are continuing to keep your children safe online!​


Crime and punishment at Forty Hall

Year 6 went to Forty Hall to learn more about crime and punishment. They learnt about real-life cases from the 17th century in the local area, such as the ‘Witch of Edmonton’, and even had a go in the stocks!


British Values Day

Worcesters is proud to celebrate British Values Day. The children and staff dress in the colours of the Union Jack and we have some very fun lessons planned!


Worcesters’ Sports Event

As part of our healthy lifestyles campaign, Worcesters held a Sport Event after school. The aim of the event was to encourage parents and children to take part in taster sessions of different sports, dance and fitness activities. The free sporting activities were provided by staff and local sports clubs who had been invited along. The event was a huge success and feedback from parents has been very positive. A grand total of £859.00 was raised from the event which will be put towards a defibrillator for the school.


Bike It

The school is taking part in a number of ‘Bike It’ activities, a coffee morning has been held for parents and we had a ‘Bling your Bike’ day where children were encouraged to ride or cycle to school on bikes that they had decorated.  Bikes and awards were given out in an assembly at the end of the day.  More events are planned.

Worcesters Primary School Expansion

School Expansion Programme – 20th January 2017
Map of Proposed Layout – 20th January 2017

The Parliamentary Review – 2015/16

London Policing Plan – 14th November 2015