Creative Arts


Art at Worcesters is a highly valued subject. We believe creativity is important to children’s development and will support them with all areas of their learning. Children in every year group have weekly art lessons where they have lots of opportunities to look at a variety of different artists linked with their topic for each term.  Children learn to discuss and analyse pieces of work, ensuring that they listen to and value each other’s opinions. The children are given the opportunity to explore different mediums to re-create pieces as well as use the artist’s work as inspiration for their own final pieces. They are given the opportunity to learn new skills such as printing and clay modelling as well as using mediums such as charcoal, oil pastels and acrylics.

At Worcesters, we celebrate art through termly art weeks where each year group focuses on an art movement, such as Surrealism, Cubism and Impressionism. At the end of the week children then display their creative pieces as an exhibition to showcase their work and allow children to see designs produced by different year groups. 

We also take part in various events including the Mayors’ Award for Visual Arts and competitions run by Enfield Town Schools’ Partnership. These events have included specialist artists visiting our school and running workshops with the children, as well as teachers, to develop new skills. For example, year 4 created sculptures using willow and tapestries using felt.

Children are also given the opportunity to join our school art club, which takes place once a week. Children take part in half termly projects which are then displayed in school.

We hope that when children leave Worcesters they will have a broad and varied knowledge of Art having been exposed to a wide range of Artists and Movements.



All children at Worcesters are given the opportunity to learn Spanish. From nursery to year 6 children take part in weekly lessons which are engaging and allow children to broaden their vocabulary. We employ a Spanish speaking teacher who focuses working in Key Stage 2 to extend children with grammar and written Spanish. To ensure children are surrounded by Spanish, our school provides interactive displays and book corners focusing on Spanish.

Worcesters also take part in the Erasmus project. This government project allows teachers to visit our partner school in Spain to build links between our two schools. Children at Worcesters exchange letters and emails with the school in order to improve their Spanish skills.


Music plays a huge part of life at Worcesters Primary School. Children in every year group have weekly music lessons where they have lots of opportunities to immerse themselves in different genres of music as well as learn about great composers and musicians. Within lessons, children explore musical instruments and musical technology, develop their singing and compose their own original pieces of music. Whilst the emphasis is on practical activity, children learn key musical vocabulary in order to evaluate compositions as well as learning how to use appropriate musical notation to write music. In addition, singing assemblies are held weekly – one for years 1-3 and one for years 4-6 – where children are taught about singing techniques and are given the opportunity to sing together.

At Worcesters, we celebrate musical achievements through termly music performance assemblies and through a whole school music week. During music week, classes work together to create a performance based on a particular genre of music, which they then present to the whole school. It is always fantastic to see how much the children can achieve after spending the whole week focused on music.

There are a number of musical instruments children can learn to play at Worcesters. These include instruments such as: violin, piano, keyboard, flute, recorder and guitar. Enfield Music Service arrange for specialist music teachers to come to the school to teach children how to play and progress further. In year 3, all children are taught the recorder by specialist teachers; children are then given the opportunity to continue learning the instrument. At the end of the term, extra concerts are held to inspire others and celebrate their achievements.

Design and Technology

At Worcesters, we value design and technology as an opportunity for creativity and a chance to learn new skills. At our school, children have many opportunities to design and make products which have relevance and use in real life. As part of their learning, pupils research, plan and design their products before constructing them using a range of materials. In every year group, children then have the chance to learn the practical skills necessary to ensure their designs are fit for purpose. These skills include cutting, shaping, sewing, weaving as well as joining and finishing in woodwork. They also learn further life skills through various cooking activities. After the project, children evaluate and test their products to help them consider improvements for the future. Some of the exciting and ambitious projects children have completed include: sewing puppets in year 2, making Anglo-Saxon honey cakes in year 3, constructing erupting volcanoes in year 4 and creating cam toys in year 5.

Worcesters also runs a regular cooking club to further support parents and children with their cooking skills as well as develop understanding around healthy eating.