Maths is taught daily at Worcesters to support children in becoming fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, be able to reason mathematically and problem solve by applying their mathematics to variety of problems. Children are taught maths in their normal classes, except in years 5 and 6 where we have an additional maths teacher so classes are grouped into 4 sets. We follow the National Curriculum programme of study for maths and use Collins’ “Busy Ants” to support our resources.

Throughout the school, children work on the 3 key areas of fluency, reasoning and mastery to ensure they develop a good understanding of topics that are studied. Children regularly work on developing their reasoning skills in order to explain how to solve problems and pupils are regularly challenged to investigate problems through Nrich activities Additionally, we take part in school competitions within the Borough, and across London.

Fluency in maths is also essential so that children can make links between key concepts. For example when working on their times tables or number bonds if they can make connections and continue patterns:

8 + 2    =10
2 + 8    =10
10 – 2 =8
10 – 8 =2

4×2=8         8÷4=2

40×20=800          800÷20=40

We also teach children to become fluent in their times tables so that by the end of year 4 they know all their times tables up to the 12s. Children are presented with certificates in assembly as they move through their times tables. In years 5 and 6, children are regularly tested on 100 different times tables questions to ensure they develop the fluency of recall that is necessary.

Arithmetic skills are now assessed at the end of KS1 and KS2. Children learn strategies to solve all four operations in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The schools calculation policy clearly shows the progression of written strategies in each year group. Please find a copy of our calculation policy.

Parental support with everyday maths is a very important part of developing a child’s confidence in maths. With this in mind, we run a programme called Ocean Maths where adults and children work together on maths in a school workshop and complete homework activities together. This helps to build their confidence and passion for numeracy. Please use the Maths Family Toolkit to support you working together with your child. It also has links to a number of useful websites.

Ocean Maths


1M 25th April
1A 26th April
1C 27th April


 2M  4th June
2R  5th June
2PK 8th June 


 3Z  1st May
3A  2nd May
3J  4th May


 4PG  8th May
4K  10th May
4O  11th May


5H   13th June
5LY  14th June
5WF 15th June 


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