Physical Education

At Worcesters Primary School we recognise the contribution of PE to the health and well-being of all our children.  We provide an inclusive and progressive PE curriculum throughout the school with every class from Year 1 to Year 6 taking part in two hours of curriculum PE each week.  Nursery and Reception are also allocated hall time to explore the gym equipment.

Our class teachers deliver safe and inclusive lessons to classes which look to focus on a number of sports.  These include: football, tag rugby, hockey, netball, basketball, tennis, cricket, athletics, outdoor and adventurous activities, dance and gymnastics.  In addition to this, in KS1 we employ specialised dance teachers to develop our young pupils’ balance, coordination and agility.  Furthermore, we are delighted to have employed our own sports coach who delivers games lessons to our Year 4 and 6 pupils.

In addition to allocated PE lessons, activities such as Write Dance and the Swing, Hang, Climb Club have also been introduced. The purpose of these is to focus on pupils who need extra assistance and support in the development of their fundamental movement skills including gross and fine motor skills.


We understand both the health and safety benefits of learning to swim; our year 5 children attend weekly swimming lessons at a local pool as part of the curriculum. The school buys into a Borough organised programme with qualified swimming instructors leading the sessions. One of the instructors visits the school at the beginning of the swimming sessions to deliver a lesson on water safety. We aim for every child to be able to swim 25m competently and confidently using a number of strokes by the time they leave Worcesters at the end of year 6. We allocate money from the PE and Sports premium to ‘top up’ swimming lessons for those pupils who did not achieve their yellow award in their curriculum swimming time. These children will receive an intensive programme over 1 week to help them reach this level of swimming competency.

Please click on the links below to see the swimming statistics and the Primary School Swimming Programme

It is our aim at Worcesters that by the time our pupils move on to secondary education, they have developed the physical, social and psychological skills required by young sportspeople. We are very proud to have been re-awarded with the Association for PE Quality Mark with Distinction in November 2017. This prestigious award celebrates ‘the strength and quality of Physical Education and Sport’ at Worcesters Primary School. It recognises the quality of our whole school PE provision and our passion for each child to enjoy leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

For further information about the AfPE Quality Mark please click here!

As well as timetabled PE lessons, there are various clubs that are run during lunchtimes, before and after school. These include: Netball, Rounders, Cricket, Football, Tennis, Tag Rugby, Athletics, Running and Bike Clubs. All of these clubs provide additional coaching for pupils with a keen interest to develop their skills. There are also opportunities to represent the school at Borough events such as District Sports and the Gymnastics and Dance Festivals. There is also Football, Rounders, Tag Rugby and Netball tournaments that teams are entered into by the school to encourage competition.
At Worcesters Primary School competition in sport is encouraged for all pupils. The Sainsbury’s School Games Mark rewards schools for their commitment to developing competition in sport across the school. We are pleased to say that after achieving the Bronze Mark in 2012/2013 and the Silver Mark in 2014/2015 and 2015/2016, Worcesters Primary School has been awarded the Sainsbury’s School Games Gold Mark for 2016/2017

In all, we are delighted to say that PE at Worcesters is going from strength to strength each year, with both staff and pupils taking steps to contribute to a positive and enjoyable learning environment.

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