Pupil Premium

Worcesters Primary School Pupil Premium Strategy 2017/18

School Context

Worcesters is a larger than average primary school serving a diverse community on the outskirts of Enfield. Statistical data shows a steady increase in the % of minority ethnic groups and EAL pupils joining the school. The school deprivation indicator is above the national average.

Worcesters provides a harmonious, happy learning environment where pupils feel valued and listened to. We aim to provide a secure but exciting atmosphere to support pupils to gain a joy of learning. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive school where the promotion of equal opportunities underpins our practices. Our mission statement ‘Be the best you can be’ helps our pupils learn the importance of self-awareness, self-responsibility and resilience alongside our 3 other values equality, respect and honesty.

Our key objective in using the Pupil Premium Grant is to diminish the differences between pupil groups. As a school we consistently track all groups of pupils to ensure that they make good or better progress. Through targeted interventions we are working to eliminate barriers to learning and progress. For new entrants that start with low attainment on entry, our aim is to ensure that they make accelerated progress in order to reach age related expectations as they move through the school. Once at age related expectations we always continue to extend that learning further to ensure that they reach higher levels of attainment. Our FSM pupils do well in our school showing the positive impact of the additional funding.

The Pupil Premium funding per pupil for 2017-2018 is as follows:

Type of Pupil Pupil Premium per Pupil
Pupils recorded as FSM £1,320
Looked after children £1,900
All pupils leaving the local authority care for
the following reasons

  • Adoption
  • A special guardianship order
  • A child arrangements order
  • A residence order

Worcesters Primary School Allocation

2012-2013: £108,600
2013-2014: £163,945
2014-2015: £271,700
2015-2016: £282,480
2016-2017: £289,780
2017-2018: £277,200
2018-2019: £268,000

PP = Pupil Premium

Our Approach

Funding has been ring-fenced and used to benefit all pupil premium pupils. We have established clear lines of responsibility with all members of the senior leadership team for ensuring PP pupils achieve well as they move through the school. We ensure that we track PP pupil’s achievement and that all staff know which pupils need additional support to either support or extend their learning. We also identify most able PP pupils.

This has meant making informed decisions about our spending such as:

  • Ensuring that spending is directly linked to differences in achievement
  • Making use of our own data to expand existing interventions
  • Making sure there is at least good teaching on a day to day basis
  • Appointing accelerating progress teachers to support pupils to make better than expected progress

The attached Pupil Premium Strategy Statement includes the details of how we are improving outcomes for PP pupils including the most able. The statement also reviews expenditure and the impact of this for 2016-17.

Pupil Premium Strategy 2016/17
Pupil Premium Strategy 2017/18
Pupil Premium Strategy 2018/19
Pupil Premium Strategy 2019/20